OmniRemote Pro

OmniRemote Pro for Palm OS

Program to use your device as a remote control

Building on the phenomenal success of OmniRemote v1.171, OmniRemote PRO takes your remote control needs to a whole new level. Not only does OmniRemote PRO fully support PalmOS v4.0, it actually takes advantage of new hardware found in newer PDAs such as color screens, high-resolution (320x320) displays and thumbwheel selectors.

No other remote application for the PalmOS can make that claim.

Features include:

  • Completely configurable UI

Draw your own buttons wherever you want on the screen
  • Unlimited number of buttons

Create as many buttons as you like- no hard limit
  • IR learning function

Train an unlimited number of remotes
  • Unlimited macro support

Macros allow you to perform a sequence of actions with a single keypress with no limit on the number keys within a macro
  • Timer Support

32 timers let you schedule macros for unattended operation
  • "Flip screen mode"

Screen can be operated upside-down or right-side-up. (Convenient for models with the IR emitter located at the bottom of the unit.)

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OmniRemote Pro


OmniRemote Pro 2.14

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